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It´s a mumbling, jumbling, roaring, exploring, rambling, scrambling, all in a raw huddle, when Hugger-Mugger mess around and make music.

Hugger-Mugger consists of the artists Maria Hägglund, Elinor Ström and Catarina W Källström. In 2001 they released their first double-CD Begging for Boogie at Klubb Vardag.

The noise performance group Hugger-Mugger started to perform from the inside of an ordinary wardrobe, prepared with a lot of loud-speakers. The show also included aerodynamical effects, smoke-cusions and sparkling fireworks. All fired off from the roof of the wardrobe.
2003 they decided to come out from the wardrobe. With microphones attached to a guitarr-amplifier they investigated their bodies in an intensive-rythmic-erotic way.

In their latest performance Så lite som möjligt, performed during LARM Festival in 2007, Hugger-Mugger sits on woodden chairs and notice the sounds that appears when they move their bodies.

Hugger-Mugger have also made several sound installations at galleries and festivals. They have put two hundred woopie-cusions in the middle of a frequent road and broadcast from a gigantic radio in cardboard. They have also been on a cd at Venize Biennal, have had a radioshow in London, made performance at the Demilitarized Zone in Korea and have been writing autographs in Vevring, Norway.