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In my work I am approaching an inner state where contradictory wills collide.
Like fear and longing. Yes and no. In a humorous and traumatic way I explore inner tensions and conflicts. The voice is a perfect instrument to uncover this kind of emotional situations.

Den tveksamme

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The Decision-maker/Den tveksamme
An inner drama appears when a person has to decide whether to go for yes or no. The difficulties about making a decision.

Verket har visats under Larm festival på Kulturhuset, Stockholm 2007
samt på Galleri 54, Göteborg 2000.

Cést si bon

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Cést si bon
This is good. A cut-up with Maurice Chevalier singing versus me
speaking about different things.


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State of Mind I
I am making an attempt to sing (yoik) myself into trance or some unexpected state of mind.